Top 4 Reasons to Get Your Hair Transplant Now?

New York City

By Dr. Benjamin Paul


One of our patients recently said, “this may be the best time in history to move forward with hair transplant”. We have heard so many good reasons as to why now is a good time to improve your hair. Here are some thoughts from our patients:

  1. “I am working from home, so the desired social distancing during recovery is made easy.” After hair transplant, patients are able to work from home the next day.
  2. “I am not able to travel where I would want to go due to travel bans and safety concerns. My “travel funds” can be put toward self-maintenance and up-keep.”
  3. “I keep staring at my hair on zoom”. Patients are looking at their hair more on video calls and Zoom. This awareness increases their interest in getting something done.
  4. “I like your covid-free environment”. In our office at HairCareMD, hair transplant is low risk. There is no intubation, as the surgery is performed awake. Both staff and patent are tested prior to the procedure to ensure a “Covid-free environment”. The procedure is performed in our private surgical suite, not in the hospital.

Top 4 reasons to get your hair transplant now

Whatever the reason that sparks your interest in hair transplant, we are here for you. Reach out for a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this remarkable procedure.

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