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Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant

Our surgeons pride themselves on delivering natural, long-lasting results with minimal down time.

Your hair is the crowning feature to complement your face and we understand the importance of looking your best to boost your confidence. Having a thick, full head of hair is something we all want, and the good news is that more people are eligible for enhancement than ever in history.

Hair loss is not just a men’s problem – almost 50% of women also experience hair loss at some point in their lives. When you visit HaircareMD in New York City for a Hair Transplant, you will learn about the various options and methods this world-class surgeon has to offer.

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The Basics

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant surgery has improved remarkably in the past decade, and gone are the days of the unsightly “hair plugs”. The procedure is a modern technique to transfer single hair units, called follicles, into regions of thinning. In our practice, we embrace these advancements, and we respect the importance of maintaining healthy hair density as part of sustaining a beautiful and vibrant face.

The most common reasons that men and women choose to get hair transplants are to improve density, especially in the frontal center for a widened part, fill the frontal-temporal angles, which often never grew thick from birth, and reinforce, or thicken the hairline. The most common reasons that men get hair transplants are to reinforce or restore the hairline or improve density in regions of thinning.

We understand the concerns that come with choosing the proper procedure and Dr. Paul will share his expert opinions with you to help you make your decision. However, we also believe that the more information you have before your consultation, the better. There are two main forms of hair transplant, which differ in how the hair is harvested. Single hair follicles can be taken directly from the donor zone by using a rotary micro-punch, called follicular unit extraction (FUE), or the hair follicles can be divided from a strip that is taken from the donor site, called follicular unit transfer (FUT).


FUE (follicular unit extraction)

FUE (follicular unit extraction) – A microdrill is used to extract single follicular units that are then transferred individually, usually from the back to the scalp where the hair continuously grows and is less sensitive to hormones. The follicular units are then prepped under magnification.

This procedure has helped patients regain their natural head of hair with the aid of rapid and precise technology. FUE is the perfect option for men and women who are looking for a permanent solution to address their hair loss concerns with no scar lines, no scalpels, and no sutures.

Some of the benefits from FUE include:

  • Can be performed even after a FUT treatment
  • Little evidence of surgery after just one week, even with short hair
  • Long-lasting results
  • The procedure is sutureless; may heal with punctate, white dots from where follicles were extracted
  • Return to exercise sooner (no sutures)
  • Scalp laxity is not necessary

We can not recommend this treatment for patients with white or curly hair because there’s a concern about follicle transection, which is ​​the accidental trauma caused by a hair graft during the hair restoration procedure, specifically the harvesting and extraction process during the procedure. This treatment is also limited by the area of the safe donor zone.

FUT (follicular unit transfer)

A donor strip is harvested from a donor site (usually at the back of the scalp) and individual follicles of hair are dissected from the removed strip under magnification. The donor location is then sewed up with a running suture used to close a linear incision line and the hair above the donor site is left long to cover the suture line. The suture is removed after one week. The hair above the donor sites is kept long enough to hide the incision line, so there is no early evidence of donor harvest.

Some of the benefits from FUT include:

  • Less expensive than FUE
  • Often has a higher follicular unit transfer than FUE
  • Produces excellent, long-lasting results
  • Rapid follicular extraction time
  • Works great with all hair types, including curly and white hair

Post-treatment, you will need to avoid heavy exercise for one month, but we encourage you to wait until Dr. Paul fully clears you to do so.

It’s important to be aware that FUT works best if there is some laxity present on your scalp. Scalp laxity is the term used to describe how easily (or not) the tissues of the scalp stretch when tension is placed on them. You will also need to keep in mind that if you choose to have shorter hair (<2mm), it may be possible to see the linear incision line.

The Future is Now

ARTAS iX Robotic

The ARTAS® robotic hair transplant system analyzes and selects the appropriate grafts from a donor area to reduce the risk of linear scarring. This is a form of FUE and only applies to a small minority of patients due to technological constraints.

Regardless of harvest technique, the result of a hair transplant will produce a lasting improvement as the transplanted hairs will maintain their dominant growth potential. Hair transplant is an excellent, maintenance-free form of hair restoration for both men and women.

Hair Transplant Timeline


    You will meet in our office with Dr. Benjamin Paul. You will discuss your concerns and discuss options including medical and surgical treatments. During your consultation with your surgeon, we will determine if you are a good candidate for the hair transplant procedure, and then discuss the options available. From there, you can make an appointment for the procedure with our coordinator.

    1st Visit

    You will be given paperwork to review that describes the lead-up, the procedure, and the aftercare. You will have another opportunity to review any questions and the plan.

    2nd Visit

    The average hair transplant will take several hours under local numbing medicine. Our hair surgeons will have a team of vetted professionals who will assist with various aspects of your hair transplant. Once you are released from our care, you will be able to return home or hotel to recover in comfort with a wrap on your head.

    3rd Visit

    Patients can remove the wrap the following day. Patients can work from home the following day, as long as the work is not physical labor. Most patients may wear a baseball cap after the wrap is removed.

    (DAY 1)

    You will perform a modified hair wash, which we will teach you.  Patients may have swelling of the forehead and it is not advised to return to the office for one week, though your doctor will advise you during your consult depending on the work being done.

    (DAY 2)
  • Early Weeks Following Surgery

    You will meet with the team in the office or virtually to review your healing. You will be provided instructions to return to a normal shower routine as well as exercise.

    (WEEKS 1-2)

    You will resume the exercise as directed. The transplanted hairs will grow for 3 weeks to 3 months then shed. Once the hair sheds, the transplanted hair follicle rests for a few months before regrowing.

    (WEEKS 3+)

    New hair arrives roughly 6 months after the transplant. Traditionally, people see 80% of the result 8 months after transplant. At your follow-up appointment, your surgeon will assess the progress of your treatment to ensure everything is going according to plan.

    New hair arrives roughly 6 months after the transplant. Traditionally, people see 80% of the result 8 months after transplant. At your follow-up appointment, your surgeon will assess the progress of your treatment to ensure everything is going according to plan.

    (MONTHS 1-6)

    At this point in your post-transplant journey, you should be seeing a fuller, thicker head of hair. The result will continue to improve until about 18-24 months. For most of our patients, once 9-12 months have passed, the results become thrilling.

    (12 MONTHS+)

What are the Benefits of a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants in New York City can lower the hairline, reinforce the hairline, and improve density on the scalp as well as the eyebrows, goatee, sideburns, or other areas of hair loss.

  • All-natural, long-lasting results
  • The higher graft survival rate
  • Improves self-confidence and relieves hair-related anxiety
  • Minimal scarring
  • No shaving required
  • Quick recovery
  • Rapid healing
  • Surgery is quick and painless

Who are the Best Candidates for the Hair Transplant Procedure?

There are many reasons someone would get a New York City Hair Transplant. Both men and women come in for this procedure. The biggest determining factor of what is possible during a hair transplant is the donor site. If you have a lot of healthy donor hair and a targeted region of loss, a transplant will likely be an excellent option. If you have very little residual hair and a large amount of hair loss, then the result from a hair transplant will be more limited.

Both men and women also choose to have a hair transplant to fill in regions of facial or body hair thinning including the eyebrows, beard, goatee, sideburns (after facelift especially), and other regions.  All ethnicities may benefit from a transplant. In general, the hair texture may adjust the treatment recommendation or surgical approach.

Hair transplants can be truly amazing, but unfortunately, not everyone is a perfect candidate. There are four major reasons someone may not be a good candidate:

  • Poor donor hair
  • Issues with the recipient site
  • Severe underlying medical condition preventing a hair transplant
  • The patient has unrealistic expectations.


While we wish to help each patient look their best with the most dense and gorgeous hair possible, we understand that every procedure has certain limitations. When evaluating the potential for each treatment, we closely consider the donor hair, as this is often the limiting factor in what is possible.


What’s The First Step?

The first step to determining whether you are a good candidate for a hair transplant in New York City is to make a consultation. Call our clinic or contact us online to request a booking. Making an appointment for an initial consultation is a crucial first step.

During this first meeting, we will discuss your goals and motivations, what you have tried so far to manage hair loss, review your medical history, examine the scalp, confirm the cause of hair loss, and discuss the treatment options. If a hair transplant is a reasonable option, a description of the procedure, the options in approach, and recovery will be discussed.

The consultation is also the best time to ask your hair transplant surgeon any questions you have and discuss concerns about a potential procedure. We believe in communication as a key ingredient to our success, and we look forward to consulting with you.

It is important to realize the choice of technique is individualized to each patient and will be discussed during the initial hair transplant consultation.

What to Expect on the Day of Hair Transplant Surgery

All patients are provided with very thorough paperwork to guide the before and after care well before the day of the procedure. We will send all necessary medicines before your arrival so you do not need to visit the pharmacy after your procedure. Some patients will need medical clearance to optimize certain conditions, and you will be advised in advance if this is necessary.

Most patients can color and cut their hair up to 4 days before (and again 4 weeks after the procedure).

All of our hair procedures take place in our gorgeous, state-of-the-art facility. On the morning of the procedure, you will meet the physician and transplant team. We will confirm the boundaries of the recipient site. We will give you a haircut to reveal the necessary donor site, but it is not our routine to shave the recipient site, which differs greatly from most clinics. On the morning of surgery, a local anesthetic will be administered to the scalp. The experience is so comfortable that most patients can nap and listen to music during the session.

The day is split into three parts; harvest, site making, and implantation. For the harvest, you will be face down and we will work to extract your hair. For the site making, the provider will carefully make all the sites, which are the pockets into which the hairs will be placed. This is the stage that sets the architecture and artistry of the result. The final stage is implantation, in which the hair is inserted into the pockets in the recipient zone. A wrap is then placed on the head, and the patient can go home. 

Hair Transplant Recovery

We believe in holistic care throughout your hair transplant journey. Our team provides detailed post-operative instructions and continuous support to ensure a smooth recovery and optimize your results.

After your procedure, post-op care instructions will be reviewed before discharge so that you are equipped with all the right information. At the end of a hair transplant surgery session, the patient may return home or for out-of-town patients to their hotel room. There are no drains present. On the next day, patients bathe and two days after surgery gently wash their hair using a modified technique, which will be taught during your visit.

For the first week, the forehead may appear slightly swollen, the back of the scalp will feel tight, and small scabs will sit where the transplants were placed. Within 1-2 weeks, the redness fades, the scabs flake off, and patients look normal and can return to routine social, work, and physical activities.



How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in New York City?

The cost of a Hair Transplant in New York City will vary depending on the technique that is used and the amount of hair follicles that are transplanted, among other factors. The best way to learn how much your hair transplant will cost is to come in for a consultation and allow your provider to make your procedure plan. Once made, you will be provided with an exact cost breakdown of your surgery.

If you are interested in a hair transplant but are unsure of what this may cost you, you can e-mail us photos. We can review the photos and provide a range or estimate of cost. This is complementary.


Why Choose Us?

Why Choose HaircareMD?

At HairCareMD, we house a team of board-certified surgeons with extensive experience in hair transplantation. Our specialists have successfully performed numerous procedures and possess a keen eye for aesthetics to cater to diverse hair loss patterns and individual needs. We strive for a seamless blend between transplanted and existing hair, resulting in an undetectable, flawless hair transplant. We use a modern and advanced facility that adheres to the highest medical standards and we use the latest, state-of-the-art hair transplant techniques, including Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). We prioritize your safety and comfort, providing a serene environment for your hair transplant journey.

We are the busiest high-end practice in NYC and Dr. Benjamin Paul is the number one organically recommended hair transplant surgeon on Yelp. With over 20 years of experience, the team at HairCareMD has a long and deep understanding of artistry, technique, and outcome. We routinely perform 200+ hair transplants per year with outstanding beauty and consistency. We craft a perfect treatment plan that does not just address the coming year but looks ahead to the years and decades to come to ensure the result is loved in both the short and long term.

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