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Our team prides themselves on delivering natural, long-lasting results with minimal down time.

Dr. Ben Paul has followed suit in a city known for its towering skyscrapers and iconic museums, blending the lines between the medical world and innovation. He has harnessed the power of cutting-edge robotic technology to craft a masterpiece of healing and recovery for your hair. The ARTAS iX is not just a robot; it is a virtuoso, a maestro of precision, delicately conducting a symphony of installation for your hair. 

The hair transplant surgeons at HairCareMD believe that the best results are created when the best technology is combined with the best technique. The ARTAS Robot is the most robust intelligent device ever created to assist in hair transplants. The surgeons at HairCareMD have an advanced version of this technology known as the ARTAS iX.

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The Basics

What is an ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment?

The ARTAS Robot in New York allows for the most advanced form of hair transplant to date. The newest robot, the ARTAS iX, is a physician-directed robot that has optimal digital imaging and design to harvest hair follicle grafts rapidly and consistently. With this technique, there is no need for scalpels, sutures, or staples. There is no linear scar. The patient will appreciate the consistency of growth, the minimal discomfort, the speed of harvest, and the rapid recovery that the ARTAS Robot iX provides.

Specifically, the ARTAS Robot helps with a form of hair transplant known as “Robotic FUE”, which stands for follicular unit extraction/excision. In a Robotic FUE hair transplant, a small cylindrical punch is used to core out and extract the donor follicle. The follicles may have one, two, three, or four hairs. The single hairs are used to line the hairline. Bigger units are placed internally for density. The distribution, angulation, and design are created by your surgeon, and this is where the ARTASty and expertise at HairCareMD marries with the technology of the ARTAS iX Robot to produce the best hair transplant result.

ARTAS iX Robotic Timeline


    Before undergoing the ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment, you will have an informative consultation with Dr. Paul who will assess your hair restoration goals and determine your suitability for the procedure. During this consultation, you’ll receive comprehensive information about the advanced ARTAS iX technology and how it can benefit your specific case.

    1st Visit

    On the day of your ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment, you will arrive at our New York City clinic, where the cutting-edge robotic system will be used to meticulously harvest individual hair follicles from the donor area. Dr. Paul and the robotic technology work in harmony to ensure precision and minimize any discomfort during the procedure. You will leave with a wrap on the head.

    2nd Visit

    You will remove the head wrap the following day. You may shower your body, but not your hair. Many may wear a baseball cap. You can work from home and should not sweat or exercise.

    (DAY 1)

    In the initial days following your ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment, you may experience minimal swelling and redness in the treated areas. Post-operative care instructions will be provided to manage these temporary effects effectively and ensure a smooth recovery.

    (DAYS 2-7)

    During weeks 2-4 after your ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment, you may notice some mild shedding of the transplanted hairs, which is a normal part of the process. You will return to the office for follow-up instructions. 

    (WEEKS 2-4)

    In the months following your ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment, typically between months 1-6, you’ll observe a cycle of shedding, resting, and growth of the hair. Hair sheds in the first 3 weeks to 3 months, rests for a few months, then grows. 

    (MONTHS 1-6)

    At 6-8 months, many patients are seeing signs of growth from the transplant. Not all hair returns on the same day. You should enjoy looking better each day as new hairs sprout.

    (MONTHS 6-12)

    After the initial months of growth, your hair follicle will mature and make stronger thicker hair. You can expect to enjoy the full benefits about a year after your procedure, with the transplanted hair seamlessly blending with your existing hair, for a natural look and lasting results.

    (12 MONTHS +)

Advantages of ARTAS

The ARTAS® iX Hair Restoration system in New York City is an advanced, robotic-assisted technology designed to perform hair transplant procedures with precision and accuracy. Here are some of the advantages of using the ARTAS® iX system for hair restoration

  • Incredible precision: The ARTAS® iX will optically identify the best hair follicles for extraction. The robot surveys and tracks each hair 60 times per second.
  • Accuracy: Rapid, micron-level targeting provides accuracy to 50 microns.
  • Consistency: There is no fatigue of the technology over the duration of a case. The thousandth graft is the same quality as the first graft.
  • Speed: The ARTAS iX is on average 2x faster than an expert human hand. The ARTAS iX is also much faster than prior versions of the technology.
  • Digital Algorithmic Mapping: Provides superior and consistent distribution of harvest reducing risks of overharvesting.
  • Graft quality: Hair follicle grafts are very consistent.
  • FDA Clearance.
  • No linear Scar.

What are the steps involved with ARTAS iX:

The hair transplant ARTAS iX in New York City has three stages: 

  • In part 1, the ARTAS iX robot functions to help accurately release the core component of the follicle from the scalp. The hair follicles are then lifted and stored safely for implantation. 
  • In part 2, your surgeon will design and create “sites” which are channeled pockets in which the harvested hair follicles are placed. 
  • In part 3, the hair follicles are placed into the scalp. The hairs are held in place through a snug fit and the body’s natural scabbing system. With this technique, patients have a more comfortable procedure and recovery. The downtime is reduced allowing for a faster recovery time and return to normal activities and work.

What are the Benefits of the ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment?

The ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment is a revolutionary leap forward in the realm of medical care. Its remarkable benefits encompass:

  • Robotic precision
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Multi-camera visualization of the graft
  • Swift recovery times

Who are the Best Candidates for the ARTAS iX Robotic Procedure?

The ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Transplant procedure is suitable for individuals who meet certain criteria and have specific hair loss patterns. The best candidates for the ARTAS iX robotic procedure typically include:

  • Dark and straight hair
  • Mild to moderate hair loss
  • Stable hair loss
  • Adequate donor hair
  • Realistic expectations
  • Good general health
  • Commitment to aftercare


What’s The First Step?

The first step in pursuing an ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Transplant or any hair restoration procedure in New York with Dr. Paul is to contact our office to schedule a consultation. Research and identify the correct contact information for Dr. Paul’s practice, which is usually available on their website or through online directories. This initial meeting is crucial, as it allows Dr. Paul to assess your specific situation and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. 

It’s also a chance for you to ask questions, learn more about the procedure, and understand the expected outcomes and recovery process. Following the consultation, Dr. Paul and their team will guide you through the next steps, including scheduling the procedure if it’s deemed appropriate for your case.

What to Expect on the Day of an ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment

On average, a hair transplant with the ARTAS iX robot takes five to eight hours. The procedure depends on different factors, the most important being the amount of hair transferred on the day of the procedure.

ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment Recovery

Most people go home with a wrap on the head, which is removed the next day. The patient can wash his or her hair on post-procedure day 2. Most patients are working from home on day 2 after the procedure and may return to work between days 5-10 following the hair transplant, limiting gym and exercise for two weeks.


How Much Does an ARTAS iX Robotic Treatment Cost in New York City?

The cost for a robotic hair transplant with the ARTAS iX device is determined during your consultation and depends mainly on the amount of new hair that you desire. The price is set before booking the procedure. At HairCareMD, we do not participate in payment plans, and payment is due in full prior the the procedure.

If you are interested in a hair transplant but are unsure of what this may cost you, you can e-mail us photos. We can review the photos and provide a range or estimate of cost. This is complementary.


Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Dr. Paul?

Dr. Ben Paul, and the state-of-the-art ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Transplant system, are your trusted ally on the journey to hair restoration and renewed confidence. Combining scientific expertise with ARTAStic precision, Dr. Paul leverages the advanced capabilities of ARTAS iX for natural and enduring results.

Understanding the intricacies of the hair follicle is pivotal in achieving successful hair restoration. Dr. Paul utilizes ARTAS iX to extract and transplant hair follicles, each containing an average of 2.3 hairs, strategically placing them to restore your natural hairline and enhance density. Dr. Paul controls the angle of transplanted hairs for seamless integration with your existing hair, delivering both natural and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

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