Growth after hair transplant

New York City

By Dr. Benjamin Paul


Many people wonder about the experience and growth after a hair transplant. Here are the details you need to know.

A hair transplant is performed in one day. The procedure is performed awake and utilizes local anesthesia. Hair is taken from the donor site (often the back of the head) and placed into a recipient site (often the front of the head). The hairs are placed a single units, called follicular units. These units are held in place through a snug fit and a scab. The scab falls off after 7-10 days for most people. Patients will avoid the gym for 2 weeks after transplant to let the hairs heal and learn their new home. The hairs that are implanted will grow for 15 days to months, and then often will shed. There is then a period of rest for these hair follicles. Most patients start to see growth 6 months after the procedure and see improvement until 18 months after the procedure. Classically, most patients see 80% of growth at 8 months.

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