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The surgeons at HairCareMD provide the most effective, modern and natural appearing hair restoration treatments in two state-of-the-art Upper East Side hair loss centers. The team is comprised of Dr. Benjamin Paul, Dr. David Rosenberg, and Dr. Jessica Lattman. Twenty years of research and experience have culminated in our unique hair loss treatments that consistently exceed our patients’ expectations.Our approach is to match each patient’s individual needs with the best possible surgical and non-invasive treatments. Each of the three physicians are aesthetic experts and offer comprehensive insights into creating the most natural appearing and long lasting hair restoration results.

Top reasons to pick HairCareMD:

  1. Results – In our gallery, you will see some of the best hair transplant results ever produced. Dr. Benjamin Paul is our director of surgery for hair transplant is hyper-focused on the artistry of hair transplant.  The results from our medical hair restoration are also world class. Click to view gallery of our hair restoration results
  2. Experience Twenty years of dedication, thousands of successful hair transplants performed, and millions of transplanted hairs have culminated in tremendous experience and expertise.  We are the go to office for the UES of Manhattan, for celebrities, and for the world.
  3. Technology  – we have mastered every form of the most advanced hair transplant technology to assist in helping you achieve the best result.  We own the hair robot, Artas iX.  We also love the Trivillini system with its superbly small oscillo-rotary punches. The results have been outstanding.
  4. Double board certified surgeons – each physician is double board certified and dedicated to hair transplant. For the past decade, Dr. Benjamin Paul has been our lead hair transplant surgeon. His expertise, dedication and aesthetic have led him to be the go-to hair transplant surgeon for NYC. Dr. Jessica Lattman and Dr. David Rosenberg are dedicated to helping each patient’s holistic facial beauty and are experts in hair restoration in their own right. To learn more about each surgeon, please visit https://haircaremd.wpengine.com/physicians/
  5. Hair team excellence – we have worked with our hair team for over one decade.  Each team member has between 14-26 years experience in hair transplant.  Their dedication and professionalism is unparalleled.
  6. Reviews – We have over three hundred 5 star reviews across all review platforms. We are committed to patient satisfaction have some of the happiest patients. Dr. Benjamin Paul has over 300 positive 5 star reviews across google, yelp and realself review platforms.  We are thrilled to have so many happy patients willing to share their experience for the good of others.
  7. Viability – we consistently produce over 95% viability rates, which are best in class.  We are able to achieve this with our expertise and efficiency. We minimize the amount of time the hair is out of the body to optimize the survival of every transferred follicle. We are very delicate in the extraction and placement of each hair during your procedure.
  8. Transparent Cost – you will be provided the cost of the transplant before your procedure depending on the scope of work. We will not charge you more on the day of the procedure. If you would like to learn more about hair transplant costs, please visit https://haircaremd.wpengine.com/hair-transplant-cost/
  9. Office – our upper east side office is modern, clean, and comfortable. Your privacy and comfort will be prioritized while helping you receive a gorgeous result.
  10. Anesthesia available – because we have an attached surgical suite, we can offer full anesthesia if requested during a hair transplant directed by a board certified anesthesiologist. This has been very helpful for patients who fear medical procedures, have medical complexities, or suffer from anxiety.
  11. ISHRS membership – Dr. Benjamin Paul is a member of the international society for hair restoration surgeons. This is the leading international body of hair transplant surgeons is defining the future and the now of hair restoration.
  12. Plastic surgeons performing a form of plastic surgery – When performing a hair transplant, Dr. Benjamin Paul is able to use his training as a facial plastic surgery to minimize evidence a surgery by limiting scar tissue and providing a rapid recovery.
  13. Combination Surgery – Patients may combine their hair transplant day with other plastic surgery procedure to group and to limit downtime.  As Benjamin Paul MD is an expert at both hair transplant and facial plastic surgery, many patients may choose to have a second procedure during their hair transplant (such as eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty (nose job), or others). To see the full list, visit https://haircaremd.wpengine.com/services/
  14. Location – located in the heart of Manhattan, HaircareMD is NYC’s best hair transplant clinic with NYC’s best hair transplant doctors. Our UES location is close to hotels, airports, and the culture and life of NYC.  Many patients are seeing a Broadway show just a few days after their hair transplant while recovering.
  15. Rapid recovery – Most patients are able to return to work from home after a hair transplant the next day and wear a baseball cap the next day.
  16. Minimized discomfort – Most patients take a little Tylenol the first night and need nothing by the next day after hair transplant.  We routinely use very long-acting numbing medicine so you feel nothing during the period of time when you might have experienced the most discomfort.
  17. Medical hair restoration experts – our desire to help patients extends beyond hair transplant, and we are able to assess and offer a full array of non-surgical medical treatments to patients to complement a hair transplant.
  18. Enhancing your aesthetic now and planning for the future – our focus is to help patients look their best now and also the plan for the future. We want all of our work through transplant to age well as the results from a hair transplant stand the test of time. During your consultation, we will discuss the expected pattern and future of your hair journey to make sure your hair transplant will work well for you in both the short and long time.
  19. Bespoke approach – We approach each patient as an individual with distinct goals, motivations, and desires. We are very focused on providing a luxury, personalized, and elevated experience for each of our patients.  We are the opposite of a hair transplant mill.
  20. Ethical hair transplant – we will not perform hair transplant if we do not believe the result will be satisfactory. We understand this could be disappointing, and we will be compassionate when delivering such a recommendation. At the same time, we only wish to proceed with a hair transplant if we believe we achieve the desired result. We will always review other options for hair restoration if you are not a candidate for hair transplant.
  21. Results – ultimately, patients select our practice for their hair transplant to receive an outstanding result.  We felt it was fitting to end the list where it began.  We encourage your to view our result gallery to better understand what we do and what is possible. We look forward to helping you achieve your best look through hair restoration.

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