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Dr. Benjamin Paul prides himself in creating natural looking surgical results that allow his patients to look as beautiful as possible. Dr. Paul is excited to help a patient who feels refreshed on the inside, but looks in the mirror and sees something unexpected, a fatigued face. Dr. Paul believes that an appealing face is not restricted to just the young. An important personal characteristic, he feels that the face deserves to be maintained and enjoyed throughout life. This does not mean removing each wrinkle and imperfection, but instead carefully revitalizing the vibrancy and bone structure that fades over time.

natural results

In order to achieve natural results and beautiful aging, Dr. Paul focuses on supporting the face rather than just stretching the skin. In facelift surgery, Dr. Paul targets the platysma muscle. His surgical method makes it possible to create age-appropriate facial rejuvenation by defining the neck, jawline, and cheeks from beneath the surface of the skin. In rhinoplasty, careful shaping of cartilage produces defined and gorgeous results that are natural and timeless.

accelerated recovery

Everyone wants to minimize downtime. Through a targeted surgical approach, Dr. Paul’s patients have a consistently accelerated recovery. In most cases, patients have a very limited time frame to recover and need to return to their day-to-day activities as quickly as possible.

Our primary goal is to beautifully blend remarkable aesthetic results with a stress-free recovery. Thinking about your recovery begins before the operation even takes place. We recommend minimizing recovery time by ceasing all blood thinning agents, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E, green tea, and other herbal supplements during the preoperative period. Following surgery, our office provides Arnica to assist with the reduction of swelling, inflammation, and bruising. For many procedures, we will arrange a nurse to care for you in a nearby hotel or your home to properly smooth your early recovery.

When the above stated efforts are combined with Dr. Paul’s superior surgical technique, patients enjoy an accelerated recovery and a timely return to daily activities.

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