Hair Cloning

Hair Cloning has been proposed for many years as the ultimate treatment for hair loss. Hair transplantation successfully moves hairs from one region of the scalp to balding regions but is not able to increase the total number of hairs available.

Someday, we will be able to extract a single follicle from your head and have a lab perform cloning. From this follicle, innumerable hairs could be “cloned”, sent back to us, and then implanted. This concept is currently hypothetical and is not yet available. There are labs locally (Columbia University) and globally trying to perfect this process.

The complexity with cloning hair is that the hair shaft is actually a complicated and carefully arranged organ. There is a small muscle and small gland that accompanies each follicular unit. These must also be cloned and be stimulated to grow with the correct signals placed in the correct location at the correct time.

The good news is that our medical and surgical hair restoration does not close the door for any for future cloning technology.

We look forward to new technology and new horizons in hair restoration.