How can a microscope help evaluate hair loss?

When it comes to hair loss, the scalp contains a lot of valuable information. There are many potential underlying causes for hair loss and each have a specific pattern of change to not only the scalp but also the follicle and the pore from which the follicle emerges.

In female pattern hair loss, there is miniaturization of the follicle. The large, healthy “terminal” hairs become thin and “villous”. With non-surgical treatment, there is a return to health with less miniaturization.

The following patient was treated with PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy in which the patient’s own growth factors were used to stimulate the growth as hair.

The photo on the left shows miniaturization whereas the photo on the right shows the after treatment growth and improvement:

PRP Microscopy

In advanced hair loss, there may no longer be significant follicular growth. No matter how much fertilizer you put on the garden, you simply need more, new and healthy plants.

The following shows the before and after following hair transplant:

Before and After Transplant Microscopy

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