Hair Loss During Covid

Hair Loss During CovidMany patients have reached out to our practice over the past two years with deep concerns that they have seen their hair fall out in clumps after having had Covid. There many times that there is a delay of a few months before the shedding begins. This time frame may represent a change in the growth cycle of the hair consistent with acute telogen effluvium (also called shock loss). Unfortunately, when the stress of having Covid triggers hair loss, this only further enhances stress as patients are now concerned with losing hair – this is vicious cycle.

There are many ways to reduce stress to the body to help lower the chance of shock loss and to help with regrowth. Lifestyle changes such as meditation, mindfulness, sleep hygiene, exercise, dietary control all may help to reduce stress. There are certain vitamins classified as “stress adaptogens” that lower cortisol (the stress hormone) such as Ashwaghanda and Curcurmin. While speaking with one of our physicians, we will craft a treatment plan to best help your hair stop shedding and grow to its best potential.

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