3 Years After Hair Transplant

Playing the long game

There are many patients who are interested in hair transplant to help restore their hairline or fill in areas of thinning. The single biggest concern that patients express is, "Doc, will the long term result look natural?".

The short answer is: YES.

3 Year Hair Transplant Result NYC

To create a long-term natural result, the progression of the patient's hair loss to date is discussed and the expectation of future loss is accounted for when designing the transplant. As we know that the original hair is lost over time and the transplanted hairs tend to grow for life, thoughtful care is taken to create a mature result that will make sense and appear natural throughout life.

The following patient had a hair transplant 3 years ago. It is stunning to see his hair looking richer and natural in its appearance well after the initial transplant. If you are interested in a hair transplant, please feel free to explore our website and reach out to our office.

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