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The ARTAS® iX Hair Transplant Robot

The hair transplant surgeons at HairCareMD believe that the best results are created when the best technology is combined with the best technique. The ARTAS® Robot is the most advanced and intelligent device ever created to assist in hair transplant. The surgeons at HairCareMD have the most updated and advanced version of this technology, known as the ARTAS® iX.


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Advantages of ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration

  • Incredible precision: The ARTAS® iX will optically identify the best hair follicles for extraction. The robot surveys and tracks each hair 60 times per second.
  • Accuracy: Rapid, micron-level targeting provides accuracy to 50 microns.
  • Consistency: There is no fatigue of the technology over the duration of a case. The thousandth graft is the same quality as the first graft.
  • Speed: The ARTAS® iX is on average 2x faster than an expert human hand. The ARTAS® iX is also much faster than prior versions of the technology.
  • Digital Algorithmic Mapping: Provides superior and consistent distribution of harvest reducing risks of overharvesting.
  • Graft quality: Hair follicle grafts are very consistent.
  • FDA Clearance.
  • No linear Scar.


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Our hair transplant results are NATURAL, PERMANENT, and BEAUTIFUL.

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The ARTAS Robot allows for the most advanced form of hair transplant to date. The newest robot, the ARTAS iX, is a physician directed robot that has optimal digital imaging and design to precisely harvest hair follicle grafts rapidly and consistently. With this technique, there is no need for scalpels, sutures or staples. There is no linear scar. The patient will appreciate the consistency of growth, the minimal discomfort, the speed of harvest, and the rapid recovery that the ARTAS Robot iX provides.

Specifically, the ARTAS® Robot helps with a form of hair transplant known as “Robotic FUE”, which stands for follicular unit extraction / excision. In Robotic FUE hair transplant, a small cylindrical punch is used to core out and extract the donor follicle. The follicles may have one, two, three, or four hairs. The single hairs are used to line the hairline. Bigger units are placed internally for density. The distribution, angulation, and design are created by your surgeon, and this is where the artisty and expertise at HairCareMD marries with the technology of the ARTAS iX Robot to produce the best hair transplant result.

The hair transplant has three stages: In part 1, the ARTAS iX robot functions to help accurately release the core component of the follicle from the scalp. The hair follicles are then lifted and stored safely for implantion. In part 2, your surgeon will design and create “sites” which as channeled pockets in which the harvested hair follicles are placed. In part 3, the hair follicles are placed into the scalp. The hairs are held in place through a snug fit and the body’s natural scabbing system. With this technique, patients have a more comfortable procedure and recovery. The downtime is reduced allowing for a faster recovery time and return to normal activities and work.

On average, a hair transplant with the ARTAS iX robot takes five to eight hours. The procedure depends on different factors, the most important being the amount of hair transferred on the day of the procedure.

Most people go home with a wrap on the head, which is removed the next day. The patient is able to wash his or her hair on post-procedure day 2. Most patients are working from home on day 2 after the procedure and may return to work between day 5-10 following the hair transplant, limiting gym and exercise for two weeks.

Yes. Because the procedure transfers hairs that grow for life, you will see that these new hairs are not susceptible to the same loss that causes male pattern baldness. The donated hairs will grow for life.

Transplanted hair growth occurs naturally in phases. Upon implantation, your new hair will grow for 3 weeks to 3 months. There is then an expected period of shedding, known as telogen, and then there is hair growth. Most patients recognize growth at 6-8 months. It can take more than one year to see a mature result.

After 1-2 weeks, the donor site is well healed and from the back, you will have a nearly undetectable change. In the recipient site (top or front of the scalp), the growth is slow, which reduces the chance that people notice the procedure. Your family, friends, and even barber may notice that you look better, but they may not put their finger on exactly the change as the results are natural.

For most patients, you will be resting on your belly in the beginning when the robot is assisting harvest. You will then be resting on your back during implantation of the hair. The doctor and staff are there with you to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

We want you to have the best and safest experience possible during your hair transplant. The majority of patients are given a light oral sedative to relax as well as local anesthesia to numb the area that is being worked on. For those who are very anxious, the surgical center at HairCareMD has two operative suites which allow for an anesthesiologist to be present and for general anesthesia to be administered. This will be discussed and determined at your consultation with your hair transplant physician.

For most patients, pain is minimal on the day of the procedure and virtually absent in the recovery. During the procedure, you will feel slight discomfort when local anesthesia is given for 2-5 minutes, after which you are numb. Most patients take Tylenol to control any discomfort after the hair transplant. Pain, if present, tends to subside in 1-3 days.

The robot has an incredible safety record. The robot is monitoring each hair 60x per second. Any disruption to imaging system or patient position will trigger a safety protocol to protect the patient.

The cost for a robotic hair transplant with the ARTAS iX device is determined during your consultation and depends mainly on the amount of new hair that you desire. The price is set prior to booking the procedure. At HairCareMD, we do not participate with payment plans and payment is due in full prior the the procedure.

To perform the best robotic hair transplant, the surgeon and staff at HairCareMD will give you a haircut to ensure the hair is the perfect length for harvest (roughly 1.2 mm in length). You should NOT get a skin-tight hair cut (true shave) before the procedure. You will receive additional specific instruction upon signing up for the procedure.

Quickly, your head will look normal. In the first week after the procedure, the donor site (back of the head) will have a short haircut and will have small micro-scabs that appear as red dots. Most people describe the back dots as minimal by day 5-7. After the procedure, you are able to wear your hair at any length of style.

Gone are the days of large groups of hairs transferred together known as hair plugs. With the ARTAS Robot, single hair follicles are extracted. The hair follicles are a cylinder shape. The follicles may have one, two, three, or four hairs. The single hairs are used to line the hairline. Bigger units are placed internally for density. The distribution, angulation, and design are created by your surgeon, and this is where the artisty and expertise at HairCareMD marries with the technology of the ARTAS iX Robot to produce the best hair transplant result.

Improved optical identification of hair, ability to identify scar tissue, smaller donor wounds, greater overall speed, improved range of motion of the robotic arm, and improved core needles to improve accurance of harvesting.

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The double board certified surgeons at HairCareMD expertly perform all forms of modern hair transplant including Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT), Manual Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Artas Robot Hair Transplant.

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