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My experience was completely positive!"

March 2018

"I'd been worried about my receding hairline for a couple of years and anxious about how to start facing up to it. I learned about Dr. Benjamin Paul’s practice through a friend, and I’m so glad I did! From the day of my initial consultation, he and his team there were superb. Dr. Paul and his staff were reassuring, realistic and highly professional. It’s clear when speaking with Dr. Paul that he loves hair transplantation and sees it as artistry. My surgical procedure, FUE went extremely well. The operating suites in the clinic are so beautiful and pristine, and the staff so attentive that it felt more like a spa day than a surgery. I'm delighted with my early results and coming here was the best decision. My experience was completely positive!"

Great results with PRP Treatment

March 2018

"I came to Dr. Paul back in September after experiencing diffuse hair loss all over the top of my scalp. I suspected it was due to switching from birth control pills to a Mirena in December of 2016. My hair had been growing back in slowly since the middle of the summer of 2017, but a lot of it was extremely fine and wispy, almost cobwebby, and looked "miniaturized" to me. After a consultation, Dr. Paul confirmed my suspicions that the loss was due to the hormone shock of switching birth control forms, and recommended that I do one round of platelet-rich plasma to kick start the regrowth and make sure it came back in as healthy and full as possible. The procedure itself was very easy. I'm not a fan of needles and was pretty nervous, but the process was very painless, even the initial numbing of the scalp thanks to a cool technique where a small vibrational device is placed on your scalp next to the injection site. I was in and out of the office in under an hour. In a few weeks, I noticed my hair growing in thicker. One thing to note is it seemed that I had an initial shedding of the "cobwebby" hairs near my temples, and noticed that strong, thicker hair came back in their place. After about 2 months, I noticed I had a nice defined part in my hair again (something I lacked for months because of the hair loss). Six months later, my hair looks strong and healthy again, and most people can't tell I had any loss at all - they just like the "cool layers" in my hair :). If you're considering this procedure, I say go for it - you have nothing to lose. Dr. Paul and his staff are wonderful and attentive, making me feel really comfortable and at ease during what was a really scary time for me."

26 Years Old, Female, Healthy but Experienced Unexplained Hair Loss

March 2018

"I started PRP with Dr. Paul exactly 3 months ago, and have already seen a huge difference after just one session. I returned for my second treatment this afternoon, and am excited to see the results. The appointment takes about one hour total, including time to draw blood and spin it. The numbing shots are the most uncomfortable part, but completely manageable. While numbing, you draw blood, similar to a blood test, and sit for about 10 minutes while your blood spins. Once done, the PRP is administered, totaling about 10 minutes. You are completely numb and do not feel a thing! I experienced soreness after my first session for about 3 days, but it had zero impact on my day-to-day life. I am so happy that I started this process, and cannot wait to see how my hair grows after this second round!"

Exceeded my expectations!

Feb 2018

"Dr. Paul was friendly and professional. Pre-, during, and post-surgery he was very attentive and made sure I was comfortable and informed about every step of the process. Dr. Paul and his team were very accommodating during the procedure. Overall, the results were even better than I had expected and I would definitely recommend Dr. Paul to anyone thinking about hair restoration!"

Best Hair Transplant in New York!

Feb 2018

"I am 35 year old Indian male who recently had a 2100 graft FUE procedure by Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul was absolutely amazing. He was extremely attentive, honest, and he really cares about his patient. He really looked after me, he didn't rush the consultation at all, extremely professional. Dr. Paul and his amazing team carried out the FUE procedure last week (1/24/17), and the recovery so far has been amazing. He clearly loves his work and puts his patients first. He is also attentive post-op, making sure any outstanding questions or concerns you may have get addressed promptly. I am very happy with my results so far and would highly recommend Dr. Paul to anyone needing this procedure! Below is my Post Ops Day 7 pic of my back (donor area). It’s almost like I didn’t have any surgery Keep you all posted on my journey Thank you Dr. Paul – You are best!! As you promise my wish was GRANTED!!"


Feb 2018

"I recently had a hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction-FUE) with Dr. Benjamin Paul. My experience with Dr. Paul and his staff was absolutely amazing. As soon as I walked into his office I realized that this was a high end office catering to a high end clientele. The office is immaculate and clean and in no way feels like your usual doctor’s office. I was somewhat shy and apprehensive about even talking with someone about my hair. With Dr. Paul I was completely at ease. He was understanding and listened to everything I had to say. His office also was able to offer me the anonymity I needed. As a physician myself I was able understand the procedure and did a lot of research to find the best surgeon possible. I can tell you that you are in the best hands with Dr. Paul. Not only is his office beautiful, his staff friendly and helpful, and his bedside manner excellent, but Dr. Paul is a skilled surgeon on the cutting edge of his craft. Dr. Paul has the service of performing hair transplants down to an absolute art. My results are truly remarkable."

Great experience with PRP for hair loss

Jan 2018

"He was very kind to listen to all my questions regarding PRP and hair loss. Hair loss definitely brings out every man’s worst anxieties, and yet he was very patient with me. I never felt rushed or like a cash cow. The procedure was painless and quick. I’m expecting excellent results."

PRP Patient Testimonial

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Success Story

"Dr. Paul has an amazing bedside manner, and his PRP treatment was extremely effective. Importantly, I also saw results according to his projected timeline. I highly recommend seeing him for hair thinning/hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP
Platelet Rich Plasma PRP


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More Success Stories

My PRP results with Dr. Paul

"I am a 58 yr. old female and I went to Dr. Paul after I had been diagnosed with a form of frontal Alopecia. (Maybe related to Breast Cancer treatments 3 years ago, maybe not. No one seems to know why you get this type of Alopecia.) I had significant loss of hair at my temples and forehead areas. A previous Dr. had treated me with so many steroid shots that not only was my hair shedding more, but I ended up with indents and bumps around some of the incisions. I went to Dr. Paul hoping I could get a hair transplant but he talked me out of that idea. He felt with the steroid treatments and the Alopecia I was not a good candidate for transplant. He suggested we try something new called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). He took the time to tell me what the process was, and that it would take a while to see results, if they happened. I am now 6 months out, I have had 3 PRP sessions and LOVE the new hair that is growing. I will need to maintain this process with about 2 PRP sessions a year. I love this guy! He is informed, funny and intelligent. He doesn't sell you on something to make a quick buck. The PRP process is expensive, but a lot less than a transplant for me and maintenance is something I can manage twice a year. The other nice thing about Dr. Paul is he donates his time to a non-profit and uses his skills as a plastic surgeon to help others."

34 Years Old FUE Hair Procedure. New York City, NY

"It has been just over three weeks since I got my hair transplant and I just need to say how thrilled I am with the results already!

When I was searching for a doctor who could perform the procedure, I had decided that I needed a skilled surgeon who truly has in depth knowledge of hair transplant procedures. When I began doing my research, there were many groups and doctors who apparently spent a lot on advertising their services, but when I did further research and read patient reviews, I knew those doctors were not the ones for me. They spent more time on advertising the procedure and less with their patients according to reviews. 

After many calls to many hair transplant facilities and doctors, I found one that stood out - Dr. Ben Paul located in NYC. I found the Dr. Paul’s website and decided that I wanted to submit photos of how my hair loss looked online. After I sent them in to the doctor, he called me on my cell phone and explained that he would like to see my in person, but that he thought that I was a great candidate for a hair transplant. As soon as I began speaking to Dr. Paul, I knew that he had a thorough understanding of hair and had my best interest at heart.

I met with Dr. Paul in NYC. Dr. Paul is so easy to talk to. He thoroughly explained my hair options. I decided to proceed with a FUE procedure. I was impressed that he did not push anything at all, but rather explained all my options and asked me what I wanted. Then he explained the pros and cons.

There are so many qualities that Dr. Paul has that I am thoroughly impressed with. He is down to earth and the easiest doctor to speak with. He truly has the best bedside manner of any doctor that I have met. He thinks about not just how you will look after the procedure but also how you will look in the future. Dr. Paul explained to me that when he prepares for a hair procedure, he has to think how the patient will look years down the road. He has to account for any future hair loss that you may have. This is extremely important to me, because I am fairly young. Any qualms that I had regarding the procedure were put at ease.

And now that I am three weeks post FUE procedure, I can tell that my initial impression of Dr. Paul was exactly right. He is a skilled surgeon. I realize that the doctor had to take into account many aspects of my hair, such as how my hair grows. I know that he did this, because I cannot tell which hairs he transplanted as my hair looks so natural. I am thrilled with the results already.

I have to admit that I am not the easiest patient, as I had many questions. I emailed Dr. Paul at least 20 times already about questions at all times of the day and night. He answered my questions almost immediately. I was shocked that I doctor would answer my questions on a Saturday night at 9:00 PM or Sunday morning at 8:30 AM. 

I really cannot describe how skilled Doctor Paul really is. He has my highest recommendation. Additionally, his office is immaculately clean. The procedure room is spotless. You feel less like a patient and more like a family member, as Dr. Paul and his staff take such great care of you."


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