Male Hair Loss

Almost all men will experience some degree of hair loss. The decade of life roughly predicts the percent of men that display visible thinning of the hair. Up to 30% of 30 year olds, 50% of 50 year olds, and 80% of 80 year olds have visible hair loss.

The underlying cause of male hair loss is most often due to Male Pattern Hair Loss also known as Androgenic Alopecia. The hairline and vertex (bald-spot) hairs are very sensitive to Testosterone and DHT – the major male androgen hormones. Over time, these hairs “miniaturize” and then are lost. The fringe hair remains as the genetics of these hairs are distinct and these hairs are more androgen insensitive.

Great strides have been made in hair restoration for men. In addition to oral and topical improvements, follicular stimulation with PRP has been optimized. For those who need it, hair transplantation surgery has evolved remarkably. Reassuringly, gone are the days of “plugs and corn rows” - today, only single follicluar hair units are transplanted. With a meticulous focus, HairCareMD is dedicated to helping you achieve a natural head of hair with a reinforced hairline and richer density.

Hair restoration focuses on re-establishing a natural looking hairline and improving overall hair density. We recognize that each individual has a unique pattern of hair loss which is influenced by life events and genetics. By reviewing photos from your youth, the physicians at HairCareMD understand what your hair line was and could be. We perform personalized hair restoration that is easy to maintain and compliments the face.


There are many options and possible combinations to treat female hair loss. The physicians at HairCareMD are versed in all aspects of hair restoration.

During your consultation, we will review your relevant medical history to see if there is an underlying and possibly reversible cause for your hair loss. We are experts at helping patients who have had hair loss from hormonal imbalance or chemotherapy.

We will provide recommendations on non-surgical options for care such as vitamins, topical treatments, oral medications, and light therapy. If you are a candidate, you may maximally benefit from a modern hair transplant that produces an incredible maintenance-free improvement in density.

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Medical Hair Treatments

Medical Treatments

Topicals, Vitamins, Prescriptions, and non-invasive.

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Non Surgical PRP Hair Loss Treatment NYC

PRP Treatment

Injectable treatment stimulating your hair with your own growth factors from your blood.

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Hair Transplant New York

Hair Transplant

Maintenance free, and individualized.

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Hair Loss in Men - The Basics


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