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Healing after FUE (follicular unit extraction) occurs very rapidly at HAIRCAREMD

Our technique of FUE involves using a proprietary hybrid microdrill to extract just the core components of the follicle. The normal skin is able to heal rapidly. Even at one week, patients are well on their way to healed.

Healing after FUE (follicular unit extraction)

The art of lowering the female hairline

For a variety of reasons, women may ask to have a lower hairline. Like all things, there is an art to achieving a natural result when lowering the hairline. For both men and women. the goal is to achieve facial harmony and balance, and the hairline is an important frame for the face. Every face can be divided into horizontal thirds. 

The art of lowering the female hairline?

How long does a hair transplant last?

At HairCareMD, a hair transplant involves moving hair from the back of the head (the donor site) to an area of thinning or loss (the recipient site). Since the donor hair grows for life, the result of a hair transplant is a permanent enhancement.

How long does a hair transplant last?

Transplanting the beard and side-burns.

A modern single follicle hair transplant has the capacity to go beyond restoring the hairline and improving scalp hair density. The surgeons at HairCareMD can artfully fill patchy loss and shape the side-burns, eyebrows, and beard.

Transplanting The Beard and Side-Burns

What is a follicular unit?  How does we use the variations on follicular units to our advantage during a hair transplant?

The follicular unit is the fundamental unit from which hair grows. The unit contains a hair shaft, a muscle (the arrector pili – the muscle that makes hair “stand on edge”) and a sebaceous gland.  The unit contains 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs.

What Is a Follicular Unit?

Reinforcing the Mature Hairline

As we age, there are certain changes that may occur. In 80% of men and 40% of women, visible hair loss may be present. Of all the treatments that exist, only a hair transplant represents a lasting and permanent solution for hair thinning. In the case of the hairline, recession is common in men and uncommon in women. With a properly planned hair transplant, the hairline can be reinforced in a mature location that is appropriate for the coming years and decades. 


Reinforcing the Mature Hairline

The Spectrum of Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss has not received the attention it deserves, though over 40% of women will experience visible hair loss over a lifetime. The spectrum of female hair loss ranges from a loss of density to a widened part.


The Spectrum of Female Hair Loss

How can a microscope help evaluate hair loss?

When it comes to hair loss, the scalp contains a lot of valuable information. There are many potential underlying causes for hair loss and each have a specific pattern of change to not only the scalp but also the follicle and the pore from which the follicle emerges. Click below to learn more.

Bald spots and what to do about them

Why do bald spots happen on the head and what can be done about them?

There are three main reasons for bald spots. The first reason for a bald spot is the loss of hair associated with pattern baldness, known as androgenic alopecia. The type of baldness in men involves a bald spot in the back of the head. Click below to learn more.

Bald spots and what to do about them

How do you create a natural hairline

The hairline frames the face. If the hairline is un-natural, it can be an immediate giveaway that work was done. To craft a natural hairline, HairCareMD have perfected a set of precautions and rules to ensure an optimized result:

Create a Natural Hairline

Recovering from hair transplant

Recovery from hair transplant is easier than most patients anticipate. The goal of recovery is to help ensure that every hair and follicle transplanted survives and that donor site heals beautifully.

Recovering from Hair Transplant

What is the difference between FUT vs FUE?

A hair transplant involves taking hair from one place on the body (often the back of the head) and transferring the hair to a new location (recipient site).

FUT vs. FUE?

What is an Eyebrow Transplantation?

Gorgeous thick eyebrows are in vogue. One may develop a thin eyebrow, patchy loss, or even have full loss of the eyebrows from over plucking, trauma or a medical condition. Happily, there is now a permanent, natural way to recapture your beauty and confidence.

Eyebrow Transplantation

Common questions for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair loss?

Platelets circulate in the plasma component of your blood and contain valuable growth-factors. These growth factors can be concentrated and used to grow hair.

PRP for Hair Loss

What you need to know about Female Hair Loss?

Female hair loss has NOT received the attention it deserves. Mistakenly thought to be a strictly male disease, women actually make up 40% of American hair loss sufferers. Hair loss in women can be absolutely devastating for the sufferer's self-image and emotional well-being. Though there are some similarities, female and male hair loss are distinct entities with different patterns of hair loss.

Female Hair Loss

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